Snowmobiling is freedom of the open trail, the wide, white way forward, the breathless anticipation of what comes next, the excitement of heading further into the wilderness.

Franklin County boasts a unique topography, offering towering mountains, expansive forestlands, and more lakes, rivers and streams than any other region in the Adirondacks. And, once the snow falls and the temperature plummets, backcountry routes become the stuff of snowmobilers’ dreams.

Sustained, abundant snowfall throughout the winter, coupled with dedicated crews from regional snowmobile clubs who maintain the Adirondacks’ trail systems, make Franklin County a must-sled destination for snowmobilers.

Interconnected routes bridge the Canadian trail network with Adirondack Trails North to offer more than 250 miles of trails, most of which are maintained through the dedicated efforts of Franklin Snowmobilers, Inc. Request a free sled map of the Adirondacks on and hit the trail sledding.

Overnight, sled-friendly lodging options run the gamut in the Adirondack Lakes Region, from rustic camps to classic sporting lodges and trailside motels and hotels. Some of our properties even offer dining options within easy sledding distance, where snowmobiles outnumber cars in the parking lot!

Explore the beauty of the Adirondacks’ snowmobile trials this winter for an adventure that offers the freedom of the trail and a winter wonderland of opportunity.

Top Places to Go Snowmobiling in Franklin County

Franklin Snowmobilers Inc., based in Lake Clear, maintains the major trail corridors in the Adirondack Lakes Region, North from Tupper Lake to Malone, East to Lyon Mountain and West to Deer Valley Trails, connecting to trails in the Adirondack Seaway Region of St. Lawrence County.

Along Corridor 7, the main snowmobiling artery through Franklin County, the Adirondacks Lake Region offers dining, lodging and attractions close to trail networks for overnight guests and day trippers.