St. Regis Wilderness Canoe Area

This is a pond-hopper's paradise. Many carries are short and most canoe and kayak routes can be done as an unencumbered day trip. The classic "Seven Carries Route" is a 9 mile trek from Little Clear Pond to Paul Smiths, traversing 10 lakes and ponds. Various loop-trips start from Follensby Clear, Floodwood and Fish Creek ponds. Short carries connect this popular group of small Adirondack ponds and channels. You can expand these loops by carrying north into Long Pond and Hoel Pond. A loop around the St. Regis Lakes, which requires a .6-mile carry, offers the opportunity to view several Adirondack Great Camps and take a side trip into a peaceful waterway known as little Black Pond. You may need more time and a lightweight canoe for the "Nine Carries Route." Starting from either Hoel Pond (1.5 miles of carries) or Little Clear Pond (2.5 miles of carries), your ultimate goal is the cluster of ponds near Fish Pond.