Adirondack Lake & River Fishing

Our 240 lakes and ponds, nine major rivers and miles of brooks and streams provide a multitude of fishing opportunities. Fly fish for trout in our majestic rivers or cast a line for northern pike from one of our Adirondack island campsites. With a huge variety in fresh water fish species including salmon, bass, walleye, panfish and splake combined with breathtaking mountain scenery, it makes the Adirondacks the number one fishing destination in the eastern United States.

12,000 years ago, at the time of the last Adirondack glacial retreat, extremely cold tolerant fish species began feeding and thriving at the edge of the receding glaciers. The Windfall Brook Trout strain developed as a result of unique environmental conditions found solely in Franklin County.

Over the centuries, the wild Windfall Brook Trout has evolved to become every serious angling enthusiast's prize catch. Since the turn of the century, the Windfall Brook Trout has been coveted for its tenacious fighting ability, brilliant color and large sizes, some reaching over three pounds and approximately twenty inches in length.

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