Birding Tools & Maps

Franklin County offers the ideal habitat for a wide variety of bird species including hard to find boreal birds such as Grey Jays, Boreal Chickadees and Black-backed Woodpeckers. Use our Adirondack birding tools and maps to help you spot those hard to find birds on your life list!

Interactive Adirondack Bird Search Tool & Map

Looking for specific Adirondack birds? Use our Adirondack bird search tool to find out where you're most likely to get a sighting. Results of your search can be displayed on an interactive birding map or in a list.

Recent Adirondack Bird Sightings

Search our list of Adirondack bird sightings and view details on when and where the birds were seen.

FREE Adirondack Birding Map

Our FREE full-color Adirondack birding map highlights all of the birding sites in the Adirondack Lakes Region.